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5 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself and Improve Your Life

  It's easy to fall into the trap of comfort and stability. Comfort is part of human nature; people buy soft beds, pillows, and chairs to ensure daily comfort. However, there's a saying that nothing grows in the comfort zone, so you'll only stagnate and shrink if you don't find ways to challenge yourself. Personal and career growth can only happen when you step outside your comfort zone. Get yourself a road map before embarking on your challenging journey. There are many ways to improve your life with challenges, but you'll only end up doing a hundred things aimlessly without a guide.  Freelancing and the comfort zone The HireHero Team at Bali, Indonesia I have always had problems with public speaking. Not many people know this about me since they see me as someone who is naturally outgoing. I took speech classes back in elementary, but I still experience anxiety when talking to strangers. In 2018, I challenged myself by participating in a Startup Weekend Women Edit

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